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In the meantime, here's a history of the band written by listmember Mark Quested:

a brief history of Fields of the Nephilim, Fields of the Nephilim AD, The Nefilim and Rubicon, from 1984 to 2002.

(This is a brief guide to the history of Fields of the Nephilim, The Nefilim, Rubicon, Fields of the Nephilim AD, and associated bands. It is not definitive, merely a guide for laymen and women).

1984-1985: Fields of the Nephilim is founded. The original line-up consists of Carl McCoy (vocals), Tony Petitt (Bass), Paul Wright (guitar), Nod Wright (drums) and Gary Whisker (Sax). The band begins to compose music and write songs.
1985: The band publishes its first recording, the "Burning The Fields" EP. This is distributed by independent record label Jungle Records.
1986: Gary Whisker leaves the band. Peter Yates (guitar) becomes a member. The band records its second EP, "Returning To Gehenna." The band signs to the Beggars Banquet subsidary label Situation Two. It releases its first single, "Power." The band tour the UK extensively.
1987: The band releases its second single, "Preacherman," with accompanying promotional video directed by Richard Stanley. Richard also assists the band with its image, that of post-apocalyptic cowboys. Richard Stanley and Carl McCoy become friends.

The band releases its first album, "Dawnrazor." The band tours the UK and Europe.
1987-1988: The band releases its third single, "Blue Water," with accompanying promotional video directed by Richard Stanley. The band releases a fourth single called "Moonchild." The band's second album is released and is called "The Nephilim." The band releases a live concert video called "Forever Remain." The band tours the UK and Europe extensively.
1989: The band releases its fifth single, "Psychonaut," with accompanying promotional video. The band tours and also starts writing material for a new album.

Beggars Banquet releases a Fields of the Nephilim video, for sale in shops. It is called "Morphic Fields" and contains the band's first four promotional videos.

Around this time, Carl McCoy forms "Sheer Faith" with partner Lynn S. "Sheer Faith" eventually becomes a multi-media project, offering services in video production, artwork, 3D graphics, etc.
1990: The band releases its sixth and seventh singles, "For Her Light" and "Sumerland," with accompanying promotional videos. The band's third album is released and is called "Elizium." The band tours the UK and Europe extensively.

Carl McCoy plays a cameo role in UK horror film "Hardware," which is written and directed by Richard Stanley (who directed Fields of the Nephilim's first two promo videos). Carl plays the "Zone Tripper."
1990-1991: "Returning To Gehenna" is re-released by Contempo records.
1991: The band (unknowingly) performs its last gigs of the 1990s in London. One of these gigs was known as the "Festival of Fire."

The band releases a live album called "Earth Inferno" and a live concert video called "Visionary Heads."

Fields of the Nephilim splits up.

The remaining members of Fields of the Nephilim hire a new vocalist in the shape of Andy Delaney and the group becomes known as "Rubicon."
1992: Carl McCoy forms a new band called The Nefilim, using the phonetic spelling for legal reasons.

Winsong releases "Live at the BBC - Fields of the Nephilim, in concert."

"Burning the Fields" and "Returning to Gehenna" are re-released as a single album called "Laura" by Contempo, without the blessing of Carl McCoy or Rubicon.

Beggars Banquet releases a Rubicon promo record called "Watch Without Pain."

The first Rubicon album is released called "What Starts, Ends." A single is also released to promote the new album, called "Crazed." Rubicon goes on tour.
1993: The very first officially released recording by The Nefilim is published on the Beggars Banquet sampler album "Deafening Divinities With Aural Affinities." It is a song called "Chaocracy" and it receives a mixed reaction from the fans.

A new Rubicon single is released, called "Before My Eyes."

The Nefilim lineup is finalised. This is Paul Miles on guitar, Cian Houchin on bass and Simon Rippin on drums. The band performs a few gigs, including one in Potsdam. The Potsdam gig later gets released as a bootleg called "Saturnalia." The tracks are much heavier than anything that Fields of the Nephilim ever recorded.

Eventually, some "Nefilim" demo tracks see the light of day. These include "Red 777" and "Sensorium." These early demos are believed to feature John Carter on guitars.

Beggars Banquet releases "Revelations - The Best of Fields of the Nephilim" on limited edition double CD, single CD and a video.
1995: The second, and last, Rubicon album is released, called "Room 101." A single is released to promote the album, called "Insatiable."
1996: After years of protracted recording, The Nefilim releases its album "Zoon." The band releases a single called "Penetration" with accompanying promotional video.

Carl McCoy appears on MTV to promote "Zoon."

The Nefilim performs some gigs.

Carl McCoy and Beggars Banquet discuss tour plans. Carl has his ideas and Beggars Banquet has its own, but neither can agree. A frustrated and angry Carl McCoy walks out on Beggars Banquet and goes into hiding.

Rumours start flying around that Carl McCoy is suffering from mental health problems, but these are later dismissed by McCoy in 1997.

Simon Rippin and Paul Miles form a new band called Sensorium with vocalist Peter "Bob" White. Cian Houchin will eventually reappear in a band called The Saints of Eden.
1997: Rubicon has officially split up.

Carl McCoy emerges from hiding and gets out of his record contract with Beggars Banquet.

The reunion of Fields of the Nephilim is announced. Carl and Tony are interviewed by a European journalist and asked about their future plans. Photographs eventually appear on the Internet, along with the interview, showing the newly reformed band in London.

1998: Carl McCoy and Tony Pettitt announce the band's reunion to a press conference at the 1998 Zillo music festival in Germany.

The band signs a deal with Jungle Records.
1999: Q Magazine tracks Carl and Tony down, to interview them for their "Where Are They Now" section.
2000: It appears that the "Nephilim AD" and the "Fields of the Nephilim" projects have been merged to form "Fields of the Nephilim AD."

"Sheer Faith" works on British independent horror film "The 13th Sign," which is released on DVD by Paranoid Celluloid.

Under pressure from Jungle Records, Fields of the Nephilim AD releases a single called "One More Nightmare." The single features reworkings of "Trees Come Down" and "Darkcell."

Jungle Records announces five Fields of the Nephilim AD gigs. In the end, only four are performed, at Woodstage, Eurorock, Roskilde, and Mera Luna, due to Carl falling ill between gigs. The lineup includes Carl McCoy, Tony Pettitt, Paul Miles and Simon Rippin.

In September 2000, Carl and Tony are interviewed by journalist Greg Karajiannis.

Sheer Faith works on the British independent horror film "The 13th Sign," which is released on DVD by Paranoid Celluloid. Carl McCoy provides the voice of villian "Dravid," and Sheer Faith is credited in the closing tiltes as being the 2nd video camera operator. "Darkcell AD" (the B-side to "One More Nightmare") is used as the music on the closing credits. Interestingly, in his September 2000 interview with Greg Karajiannis, Carl mentions that he set up his own video production company several years ago. And on the cover of the "One More Nightmare" single, it is mentioned that the music was "originally for a Nephilim film project."

2001: Nod Wright, or Alexander (his real name), forms a new band with his brother Paul and some friends from their Rubicon days. They call themselves Last Rites. The band's first album is released and is called "Guided By Light." It receives good reviews.

Last Rites performs a series of gigs in the UK.

Two Fields of the Nephilim AD gigs are announced, but are cancelled. Carl McCoy explains that the new album still has not been completed.

Jungle Records with SPV re-releases "Returning to Gehenna" and "Burning the Fields" as a single album called "From Gehenna To Here." The Carl McCoy / Tony Pettit interview by Greg Karajiannis is released to music journalists via Jungle Records.

An alleged Carl McCoy demo track appears on Napster, called "Dead to the World - The Way That We Were - Thirst." It gets a mixed reaction from the fans. Additionally, a new version of "Sensorium / Subsanity" also ends up in circulation.

Simon Rippin, John "JC - Get Carter" Carter and Peter "Bob" White, hiring Tony Pettit as a session bass player, form a new band called "Noise for Destruction" or "NFD" for short.

Paul Miles new musical project is called "Submerge." Meanwhile, Paul's girlfriend Amanda gives birth to a baby boy. They call him Vincent.
2002: Last Rites continues to tour in support of "Guided by Light."

Paul Wright appears on the BBC TV game show "Never Mind The Buzzcocks."

Jungle Records issues a statement on its web site announcing that they have had "talks" with Fields of the Nephilim AD over the completion of the new album. starts advertising the new album.
2003: Watch this space...